We received many different suggestions from the community, collected successful cases, analyzed all this, updated and improved our system for selecting participants for our upcoming drops. It now better reflects NFT Panda: World of Fantasy commitment to promoting contribution of players to the development of the project.

We are pleased…

We would like to thank our community for all the support and are ready to announce the winners!

We received a huge amount of creative work. We received a charge of positive emotions and we want to share it with you. The selection of the winners turned out to be the most difficult test for us and it took time to determine the best in our opinion. Meet them!

1st place: 2000 $BAM

We are looking for a Community Manager who is knowledgeable in NFT Panda: World of Fantasy and NFT space to join our fully remote legendary team as a full-time member.

What to do:
- Preparing approved content for publication.
- Develop communities.
- Develop a useful and fun content plan,
- Work out…


Heroes need a lot of strength and energy for their adventures, especially in these times when evil appeared on the lands of Elgard.
Therefore, there is a very important rule: after an adventure you need to eat well and tasty!

But what could be better than a delicious dish? Of course…

NFT Panda

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