Embark on an Epic Journey with NFT Panda: World of Fantasy — A New Era Awaits!

NFT Panda
3 min readJan 8, 2024

Dear Warriors of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy!

Exciting times are ahead for NFT Panda: World of Fantasy, and we’re eager to bring you along on this extraordinary journey. While we’ve faced some hurdles, our commitment to enhancing your gaming experience has never wavered.

Our adventure began with your overwhelming support and success of MVP version. As we embarked on ambitious scale, we encountered challenges in blockchain limitation and third-party dependencies, significantly slowing our pace. We understand this may have been a source of disappointment, but rest assured, these hurdles have only strengthened our resolve.

Through these challenges, our team has gained invaluable insights, experience, and is working hard to bring the game to full release and make it complete and amazing. We’re on the cusp of unveiling a dynamic shift in gameplay — transitioning from the familiar resource gathering and crafting to a thrilling realm of construction and tactical combat. This marks a significant milestone in the NFT Panda saga.

Introducing Revolutionary Features

Get ready to immerse yourself in groundbreaking features!

Limited Lands & Diverse Elements:

Discover a finite number of lands, each with unique elements and the ability to construct strategic Incubator. Only land owners will be able to build incubators.

Incubators for Growth Pets and Earnings:

Breed powerful pets from eggs in Incubators, which also offer a passive income opportunity through rentals slot inside the incubator for donating eggs to other owners so they can raise their own pet. In the incubators there will be a limited number of slots, so they will have demand. The construction of an incubator will take time and require a significant number of resources. We set one of the tasks to burn all the surplus resources that have been released and make sure that it takes time to extract them and subsequently use them in construction. We have calculated the amount of resources for building incubators in such a way that their construction will require all the resources in the game and even more if the demand for incubators exceeds expectations.

Pets, Battles, and Leaderboards:

Dive into the core of our new gameplay, where seasonal point tallies lead to prestigious rewards, including a new token essential for your journey and rare, immortal pets. For the new token, we have developed deflationary tokenomics with halving cycles and a strict quantity limit. In addition, we conducted a large analysis of game tokens that were released by various teams over the past 3 years and took into account many shortcomings. Added special innovation mechanisms to curb the supply of tokens. Such as airdrops with a lock-up period, various types of staking and points accrual.

Stabilization of the economy with the help of a new mechanism due to spending, consumption, buildings and new limited token with halving mechanism for pets leaderboard. This is the part of the economy that will connect with the existing accumulation economy: Resources and BAM.

Our innovative system of tokens is designed to revive the economy. Participate in the arena tournaments using the resources that you carefully collected. This mechanism ensures an increase in demand for resources, reduction of supply to a record low level and stabilization of the in-game economy. The addition of these elements to the game will finally create a full cycle of the economy.

Stay in touch to get deeper information
We will share a series of articles on each function, providing you with detailed information and strategies that will help you maximize your experience. This is just a glimpse of what will happen next!

Preparing to imagine these improvements, we thank you for your unshakable support and patience. Together we are going to start this new, exciting chapter in NFT Panda: World of Fantasy. Indeed, the best is still ahead!