Especially for the launch of the NFT Panda: World of Fantasy game, which MVP version will take place in October, we are pleased to announce the sale of the second series of packs.


The SALE date is 12th October at 6 PM UTC (2 PM EST)
There will be two…

Elgard culture

Tradition and culture play a very important role in the life of pandas.
And the most important thing for them has always been rivalry and music.
Always at any celebration during the hike or even on an ordinary day, music is played in every village.

As for the rivalry, this…

Prax story

Prax is a fairly young, but experienced and powerful warrior from the Terragar (village of the Earth). For the will of his character and by virtue of his skills, he became the youngest one of the keepers of the mysterious forest.

Prax is adept at all melee weapons, but his…

Pavius story

Pavius is the supreme mage of the air village. One day, almost 300 years ago, the Fire Dragon attacked the air village. The villagers were doomed, only Pavius was able to defeat him. With a dangerous spell, risking his life, he defeated the dragon. …


Akiro is a young and diligent graduate of the Academy of Water. In the morning and afternoon, Akiro studied and trained until exhaustion, and in the evenings he helped his father. Father was considered one of the best engineers in the water village…

Once, on one of these evenings, Akiro…

Trial of Pragnar


The lands of Elgard lived in tranquility and peace after defeating Amon and his predecessors, but Evil doesn’t sleep forever…

The High Council of the Water Village decided to send the best paladin to one of the ancient Guardians of the Mountain.

About villages

In this post, friend, we want to familiarize you with the lands of Elgard. …

NFT PANDA World of Fantasy is a crypto collectible game of genre RPG on WAX Blockchain


Once upon a time, the pandas race lived on a beautiful land full of bamboo and crystal waters. …

NFT Panda

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