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Greetings, Pandas! 🐼

Breaking and long-awaited news! We would like to announce details of the upcoming sale of weapons have become known!

This sale is timed to coincide with the launch of the Alpha version. We are very excited about the launch of the alpha version. And while everything is going according to schedule. Alpha version is expands the gameplay, the amount of content and the capabilities of the players.

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But let me clarify the details for you a little.


The number of weapons are strong limited! And this will be an exclusive weapon pack sale! But that’s not all! Weapon owners will have an advantage: They will be the first to be able to farm $BAM and weapons do not need to be repaired before the crafting system is activated.

Details about weapons and crafting system: https://nftpanda.medium.com/raise-your-weapon-hero-nft-panda-world-of-fantasy-bba441ecf151

Set your alarms! Don’t miss the chance to get your exclusive pack!

Date: 09.12.2021 18:00 UTC

LIGHT PACK — 1000pcs. It contains 3 weapons in each pack.

Price: $39

Drop Chances:

  • Common — 60%
  • Uncommon — 27%
  • Rare — 9.2%
  • Epic — 3%
  • Legendary — 0.7%
  • Mythic — 0.1%

HERO PACK — 300pcs. It contains 6 weapons in each pack.

Price: $99

Drop Chances:

  • Common — 55%
  • Uncommon — 28%
  • Rare — 11%
  • Epic — 4.5%
  • Legendary — 1.17%
  • Mythic — 0.33%

1 pack for 1 person. Each weapon is NFT.

👉 Whitelist form

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How to participate in the sale?

Weapon Pack Sale whitelist options:

  • Raffle. 2000 places will be handed out using a raffle. After registration in the sale, the winners will be randomly selected. Raffle winners will be selected 1 day before the start of the sale.
  • Slots. 1000 places who will have 8+ slots open. If there are more such participants, they will be randomly selected. Winners by slots will be selected 5 hours before the start of the sale.
  • Gold Medallions. 100 places for owners of gold medallions. Gold medallions will give access to both sales. Winners by Gold Medallions will be selected 5 hours before the start of the sale.
  • Silver Medallions. 200 places for owners of silver medallions will be able to get on the sale of weapons. Winners by Silver Medallions will be selected 5 hours before the start of the sale.
  • TOP-100 by Rank. 100 places are allocated to the top 100 players by rank. If there are more of than 100, they will be randomly selected 5 hours before the start of the sale. (Meant the rank of the panda: Lieutenant, Captain, General, etc.)
  • VIP. list of top 20 buyers on AtomicHub of nftpandawaxp collection. Winners by VIP list will be selected 5 hours before the start of the sale.
  • CCSP. November Content Creator Support Program Participants.

Adding winners to the whitelist will take place approximately 3 hours before the start of the sale. Winners will have 3 minutes to buy. After 3 minutes, sales will be open to everyone.

Read our medium about our New Whitelist System: https://nftpanda.medium.com/new-whitelist-system-nft-panda-world-of-fantasy-b2f98fd50e90

👉 Whitelist form

👉 Drop page

Good luck everyone! ;)

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