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NFT Panda
3 min readAug 30, 2023

Hey there, Heroes!

We are pleased to announce the next phase of our collaboration with Alien Worlds Magor, called “Crossing Universes.” As we mentioned earlier this collaboration has enabled mining Space Crystals through a special festival and thanks to the voice our amazing community, it was possible to add utilities to these crystals.

Previously it was just points and now, these Space Crystals have a specific utility: the purchase of valuable chests! But in the future, utilities for that will expand even more, but for now we will tell you more about chests.

Space Crystals and Their Usage

For the first time, Space Crystals will be used to acquire valuable chests. Now it’s not just points. These exclusive chests will contain precious NFTs from both Alien Worlds and NFT Panda: World of Fantasy. Rarity will be random but always the chest will contain 2 NFTs from both games.


A total of 100 chests will be available, each containing a specific blend of NFTs from the mentioned games. Here’s what you can find inside each chest:

  • Common – 60 NFTs for Alien Worlds and 60 NFTs for NFT Panda: World of Fantasy
  • Rare – 30 NFTs for Alien Worlds and 30 NFTs for NFT Panda: World of Fantasy
  • Epic – 10 NFTs for Alien Worlds and 10 NFTs for NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

There will be weapons, armors and jewelry.

Price for a chest: 10,000 SC.

In order to prevent the chests from getting only to the top players and at the same time to encourage the most active and best ones for a more equitable distribution, it was decided to add a restriction: 2 chests per 1 account.

Act Fast!

With only 100 chests in total, these exclusive treasures are sure to go quickly. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your collection with unique NFTs from two distinct universes. You can still have time to increase the number of Space Crystals.

How to buy a Space Chest?

On the Alien Adventures page, click on the button Space Chest and select the number of chests you want to buy (max 2).

Next, go to the tavern and select Agvid, then select the Space Chest and open it.

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and valuable feedback. Both NFT Panda and Alien Worlds games are ready to take this collaboration to new levels.

Stay tuned for further updates and continue to explore the endless possibilities with Space Crystals!

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