Before I tell you about the exchange, I would like to please you with the fact that we managed to optimize many processes. We have created an internal wallet for users! This will reduce CPU consumption at times!

Internal Wallet 💰

Previously, you had to make a transaction after each adventure. And now BAM comes to your internal wallet, from which you can withdraw BAM tokens at any time in one transaction.

Just switch between Deposit — Withdraw. Enter token amount and click to move it.

In addition, now crafting has become 50% faster and requires only 1 step. And we continue to work to reduce consumption even more. Adventures also began to work much faster and smoother. 💪

Resource Exchange ⚖️

Resources aren’t just new NFTs. With the advent of resources, the game has moved into a new economic stage. More complicated. But we didn’t have an exchange. Now with the advent of the exchange, we will be able to get hard-to-reach resources, which in turn will be needed for potions and for some other things, but for now. Perhaps this is necessary not only for the creation of potions, but also for the construction of… Who knows… Elgard’s world is full of mysteries and clues.

To make an exchange you just need to select a resource from your inventory to the one you want to get. For a while about 1–2 weeks the exchange will be free and then there will be payment ❗️

REMINDER: After the upgrade, clear the cache and refresh the page. Often this solves a lot of problems ;)

And the other amazing news is that after that we’re planning a few more updates in a short period of time... Stay tuned!



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