NFT Panda: WoF | A few words new heroes

Especially for the launch of the NFT Panda: World of Fantasy game, which MVP version will take place in October, we are pleased to announce the sale of the second series of packs.


The SALE date is 12th October at 6 PM UTC (2 PM EST)
There will be two packs: Light Pack and Hero Pack.

For the first 15 minutes, the drop will be open only for whitelisted users. To be added to the whitelist you need to follow our social media and fill the form.
users who already had at least one NFT Panda from a previous sale (not promo) will be added to the whitelist automatically. Snapshot will be taken in a random moment from the current time to the day of SALE.
The whitelist will be updated 3 hours before the sale (user's wax accounts will be added).

Light Pack has a limited edition of 1000 pieces and contains 6 digital trading cards:

  • 60% Common

*Claiming in one hand is max 3 packs. The price per one pack is $28.00.

Hero Pack has a limited edition of 300 pieces and contains 20 digital trading cards:

  • 55% Common

*Claiming in one hand is max 1 pack. The price per one pack is $76.00.

We accepted the wishes of the community.

Some notes about the SALE:

1) Series #1 packs were -50% cheaper than Series #2 packs. Thus, we supported the early adopters.

2) Several filters have been added: Whitelist + captcha when the drop will be opened for the public.

3) We will add early adopters who have pandas to the whitelist automatically, without a mandatory social media subscription.

Suspicious activity or fraud will be tracked and such users will not be added to the whitelist.

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