NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is a crypto collectible game of genre RPG on WAX Blockchain


Once upon a time, the pandas race lived on a beautiful land full of bamboo and crystal waters. No one knew for certain their history, but everyone remembers the legendary exploits of Elgard, in whose name their lands were named.

Elgard and his heroes stopped the ancient evil led by the demon Amon, how and why it came to be found out was not possible. After that, they founded 4 villages of heroes: a village of fire, a village of water, a village of wind and a village of earth to keep their lands.

For many winters, the lands of Elgard lived in peace and harmony, but the Dark Forces awakened again and peace changed to destruction, and harmony to chaos.

The Council of the Alliance again had to turn to the Hero Villages for help, which had been guarding the order for centuries in order to lock up the evil again and find out the reason for its rebellion.

Legendary 4 villages are once again united together under your leadership.
And only you, the Ruler of the Council of Heroes, are able to find out the reason for the uprising of the Dark Forces and liberate the lands of Elgard!
Don’t let your people down! For the glory of the Alliance, Hero!



The presale date is 06/30/2021 at 5 pm UTC (1 pm EST)
There will be two packs, Light Pack and Hero Pack.

Light Pack has a limited edition of 1000 pieces and contains 6 digital trading cards:

*Claiming in one hand is max 3 packs. The price per one pack is $14.00.

Hero Pack has a limited edition of 300 pieces and contains 20 digital trading cards:

*Claiming in one hand is max 1 pack. The price per one pack is $38.00.

MVP (Q3 2021)

Heroes Adventures

In Heroes adventures you can send your army on a campaign. Upon the return from their campaign, you will receive a reward in Bamboo (BAM is a wax token).

Every adventure is special for your Hero. There will be 50 different types of situations that can happen with your Hero upon the travel, this will change the final reward of the campaign.

Heroes LVL's Upgrade

You will be able to update your Hero's LVL when you have enough experience, which will make your Hero stronger. Also, there will be other updates in the future which will be available for higher lvl’s heroes.


There will be:
new types of adventures
crafting system

More details will come later.


There will be:
Raid Bosses
Missions System
Party System

RELEASE (Q3-Q4 2022)

And finally, the release is planned for Q3-Q4 2022, where the PVP system will be added.

We will write more details about the game in our next publications.

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