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About villages

In this post, friend, we want to familiarize you with the lands of Elgard. As you already know, after the victory over Amon, 4 Hero Villages were founded as a sign of unity and balance with nature: the Village of Fire, the Village of Water, the Village of the Wind, and the Village of the Earth.

The village of Fire was called Ignigar, its inhabitants were famous as the best craftsmen in the manufacture of weapons and armor in all lands. Wielding the power of fire, their hammers were filled with creative power, which made their armor and weapons incredibly reliable and every panda in the lands of Elgard knew about this.

The village of Water was called Anorigar, it was inhabited by masters of engineering, and using the power of water, they skillfully extracted energy from the surrounding rivers.

The village of Wind was called Venttgar, the main advantage of the inhabitants of this village was speed and stealth. Therefore, they were the best scouts and hunters, any panda will confirm this to you.

The village of the Earth was called Terragar, where land masters live. With skillful paws, they can cook more than a hundred dishes from bamboo, it is thanks to them that the lands of Elgard did not suffer from hunger.

A few details about the economy

We are happy to share with you some of the key details of our economy.

The game will have a 13-rank system thanks to which you can earn more. To use it, you need to fulfill a couple of simple conditions: Get a sufficient amount of experience by sending the hero on adventures and add a certain amount of BAM tokens to the stake required for the corresponding rank and rarity of the hero.

Officer cadet
Second Lieutenant

By sending the hero on an adventure, he gains experience, upon reaching the required amount, the opportunity opens up for you to increase the rank of the hero. The higher the rank of the hero, the more rewards he will receive from the next adventures. Strong pandas always get more :)

Thanks to the unique staking system tied to the ranks of the heroes, the economy of the game will be kept stable for longer for the benefit of the lands of Elgard and your heroes.

For each rank and rarity of the hero, a certain number of staking tokens will be required.

Visually, the table will look as shown in the screenshot below. The number of tokens required for staking will be announced later.

You can also purchase in-game resources for BAM tokens, which we will discuss in more detail in our next announcements.

That’s all for now. See you soon in new updates :)

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