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2 min readSep 28, 2022

The secret of the Tavern “Drunken Goblin”

The secret of the Tavern “Drunken Goblin”

The favorite place of the best Heroes in the Lands of Elgard, the tavern “Drunken Goblin” has always kept a secret. This legend is already so old that not even all the Heroes are sure that it is true. Oh how often visitors tried to get at least some information from Gutfried, but he was always silent about it. Does it mean that even he doesn’t know the truth?

But one day a secret message appeared in the tavern…

Drop Information

We are happy to announce the Second Collectible Promo Art by NFT Panda World of Fantasy.

There will be 10 promotional arts at all which you can claim for free. (This NFT you can’t use in-game).

The date of the second drop: October 6, 2022, 19 UTC

The Drop Rules:
In the first 10 minutes, the drop will be open only for whitelisted users (to be whitelisted you need to fill the google form).
After we will open access to claim for everyone if whitelisted users don’t claim all.

Find the Drop link here

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