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A few words about New Heroes:

Akke is a druid from the village of Earth, only he knows how to create some potions that have saved pandas from battle more than once. He trains many druids, but no one has even come close to his level.

Aivars is a berserker who does not know regret and pain, so enemies know him, having met him on the battlefield — the best solution is to run. But is he really that scary? Oh no, in peacetime, when he is resting in the village, you will always see him playing with the kids or composing poetry.

Alrik is omnipotent, as his friends call him, no one could beat him in the wood pulling competition. In his free time from adventures, he always trains to become even stronger and drag, even more, that’s what he is.

“Small things do not play a decisive role. They are everything” — Harvey Mackay

We received a lot of positive feedback regarding art from our groups and a lot of video reviews on YouTube and decided to tell a little more about it.

We have worked hard on the new collection and are pleased to present you with 12 new heroes, which, as before, are divided into 4 elements and have 6 types of rarity each.

We asked our designer about this and many other things.

Here are a few words about the new collection from our designer:

- What inspired you when you drew pandas?
As a child, my father and I loved to watch fantasy films about the Middle Ages together. It was a very warm and cool atmosphere. They impressed me so much that when I went for a walk with my friends, we built ourselves houses and towers on trees and imagined ourselves as knights who live in this castle. Therefore, I was inspired by my great love for the world of fantasy, my childhood memories and a great desire to participate in such a project.

- Is there any hidden meaning in the design of the pandas?
I tried to make the pandas so that by their appearance they could convey at least a part of their own character, because each of them is a separate character, with its own history, life experience and demeanor. We can see this even from the expression on the face of a single hero. Some of them are extremely friendly, some are very serious, and some are aggressive.

- Are there any references or easter eggs?
Easter eggs and references should be looked for by players, why reveal all the cards. So interest will disappear. They are definitely there, since most often we (people) do not give out completely original information or idea into this world. Basically, we just pass through ourselves and digest the external information received and give it to the world, adding a piece of ourselves. As the theater actors say: “Everyone has seen Romeo and Juliet a thousand times, but this play has not yet had Us.”

- What is the difference between the 2nd series and the 1st and how to distinguish them?
First of all, these are completely different characters, which have become more detailed. They have a clear difference between the heroes of the first series, which I hope will be clear to many. Externally, they differ in a new design of the frame on the character card, which makes it easy to visually distinguish them from each other.

At the bottom of the frame, you see 2 dots that indicate that this is a collection of the 2nd series.

- What has been improved or fixed in the 2nd series compared to the 1st?
We were able to afford to spend more time and energy on the development of the characters in the second series and we hope that we can move on this way and only improve the quality of our heroes.

- Were there any funny incidents during the creation of pandas?
The difficulty was only in the fact that during the work did not get two identical characters. I would like to endow them with individuality and difference from each other, both the mental component of the hero and the external. Also, when I started to create pandas, I began to see them absolutely everywhere. If I hear the word panda, I turn around and listen, maybe there is something important and valuable to me.

So set your alarms for October 12th at 6pm, NFT Panda Pack Sale on AtomicHub, otherwise, you might miss out on something important and valuable.
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