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A year has passed since the incident, and the battles on the Lands of Elgard have only become harder and harder…

In the meantime, Nail has been worried about his friend Nuruddin, as he has been sitting in his favorite workshop in Terragar for several weeks now, and for the past few days, he has not answered his friend at all.

That same evening, Nail again came to his friend’s workshop with resolute confidence to drag him out on a mug of Ale to the Drunken Goblin tavern.

After a few minutes of knocking and shouting with a request to open the door, it abruptly opened in front of Nail and he saw the inspired face of Nuruddin who grabbed Nail by the shoulders with two paws and said “Now we have hope for a Victory”

Confused Nail saw glowing armor on the table behind Nuruddin…

Multi-functions & increase cooldown.

We have been working on optimization for a long time and the latest update includes multi-functions. We are already in the process of adding it. Multi functions will allow you to spend less network resources and spend less time playing. Many players have asked for this and it’s really important.

We tested our development and got the following preliminary results:

  • Sending 1 panda on an adventure — 190 µs (CPU usage);
  • Sending 2 pandas on an adventure — 246 µs (CPU usage);
  • Sending 10 pandas on an adventure — 317 µs (CPU usage).

This will greatly reduce costs and improve usability!

Recently, we have added more features to the game, which takes time. It was especially inconvenient to send each panda separately. We also received feedback that the cooldown was too short. We considered many solutions and the most optimal was the introduction of multi-functions and an increase in the cooldown.

Forests of Ulrien — 4 hours. Forests of Nyoron and Caves of the Terrabarium — 6 hours. The side effect of this will be to reduce the supply of BAM on the market, while at the same time reducing panda downtime when players sleep and being less distracted by sending.

In addition, we will be adding the ability to select adventure times in 4-hour increments for the Forests of Ulrien adventure in some time. 4–8–12 hours. To make it easier for you to send. Imagine being able to send all the pandas to the time of your choice in a couple of clicks! Resource adventures will have a 6 hour increment.


Soon we will release armor to the game. The higher the rarity, the more armor will bring BAM. At the same time, we will redistribute rewards for armor from weapons and jewelry. This will both reduce the supply on the market of mined tokens and bring balance to the game.
and contribute to the development of the market and the further equipment of your characters. Now the value of BAM will grow even more.

IMPORTANT: We want the BAM token to have even more demand and less supply. To increase the demand for BAM, we have decided that we will not sell armor for WAX. The armor will be available through game mechanics for the BAM token and resources. At the same time, we will distribute some types of the rarest armor through an auction. But it will be a very small amount. That will also allow us to test the operation of the auction. How the auction will be held and for what currency there is no decision yet. This will be known later.

We also hinted at secret gifts for active participation in Tavern quests. We also hinted at secret gifts for active participation in Tavern quests. It will be armor :) For those who completed:

  • 6 or more quests — Rare Armor;
  • 9 or more quests — Epic Armor;
  • 12 quests — Legendary Armor.

But the exact date of distribution of prizes will be known in the second half of July. We will announce the exact date later.

Update Roadmap

We have also made changes to the Roadmap as it does not reflect at the moment our actual actions. We did a lot of things that we did not plan, and due to external factors that we could not predict, we had to make changes. Despite the war in Ukraine and the pandemic, we are here to see things through. In general, we managed to maintain the pace of development, but the functionality itself has expanded and, consequently, the Roadmap has increased.

Now our Roadmap looks like this:

Yellow — in progress. Orange — finalizing.

We have added 7 new items that are dictated by the situation in the blockchain, the complexity of the resources on WAX, balancing the economy. We also moved 2 points. Mission system (Tavern) from Release to Beta, and Pets moved from Beta to release. The timing has also changed. We need at least 1 extra quarter to get everything done.


Realizing that the problem with the CPU and errors of third parties will not be solved by itself. We decided to take the initiative into our own hands and create a CPU rental service to improve the situation in general on the WAX blockchain and help in its adoption. Payment will be charged in BAM tokens. The service will be available to all users of the WAX Blockchain. In addition, we are rewriting the code in such a way that we are less dependent on third parties and reduce the number of errors.


In order to loop the chain in the economy, we previously announced the introduction of potions. They are also in development, rendered and will be added to the game as soon as it is completely ready along with new adventures.



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