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The whole day after speaking with the elders, Pax could not recover. As the head of the blacksmiths guild, he has already given orders to everyone, and he knows what he has to do next, but probably deep down he hoped that this day would not come …

As the most experienced blacksmith and the keeper of knowledge, only he can take the responsibility to read the ancient scrolls and begin making the Dwemer Weapon, the most terrible, powerful, and destructive weapon known by the pandas in the Lands of Elgard.

These scrolls were hidden in the vault under the main temple in the center of Ignigar for many centuries, and he got access to them from his teacher Björg the Great, whose fame is as great as his name!

After a little time and gathering his spirit, the Pax headed to the vault, approaching the main door, he saw the ancient signs glowing on the door, only he knew the words to say, looking around the words that he had kept for so many years sounded from his lips…

All around began to tremble, old dust rose into the air and the door opened, taking a deep breath, Pax stepped inside…

We hope you noticed that Elgard also has snow and New Year’s mood not only outside your window, but also behind the monitor screen.

The most important feature in and around the ALPHA version, which concentrates many new mechanics, is the weapon! You now have a cozy place for weapons in your slot. We added an awesome levitation effect to add more dynamics to the game and make it look visually pleasing.

When you click on this button, a window for choosing a weapon or buying a weapon will appear. After you choose a weapon, it will appear in your slot.

If you press the button where the weapon is located again, a window with detailed information about the weapon will appear.

  1. The weapon can be removed from the slot. Press button “Unequip”.
  2. Weapon durability indicator. Each adventure takes 5% of your durability. This is wear and tear. When the durability reaches 0% it needs to be repaired.
  3. Button to start repairing weapons. Weapons will not lose durability until the crafting system is activated (coming soon).

You will also be able to view your weapon in the inventory.

Another great news is that we have launched a 20% discount on slots not unlocked! The promo will last until the next update.

We also changed the page with information about STAKING. To begin with, we renamed it INFO. And added food information there.

Many updates are made possible by your feedback and your proposals. We are grateful to the players for participating in discussions and suggestions.




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