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After successfully making the Ring of Urda, Aivars put it on and immediately felt a new power that simply pierced him. Now he is ready to go to the swamps of Hegrales. From the very beginning of the invasion, monsters were wound up in these swamps, which could not be defeated without special magical protection, but now Aivars was confident in his protection.

Entering the swamps, he felt a magic ball that flew straight into him with incredible speed, but as soon as the ball reached the target, the ring immediately absorbed it…

Upon returning home in the Tavern “Drank Goblin”, he shared this information with friends, now they are all ready to craft jewelry…

New types of adventures.

With them begins a new chapter in the development of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy. The game will acquire the features of the BETA version. There will be 2 new adventure types released initially, but many more are planned. Throughout beta development, more adventure types will be released gradually. In these adventures, you will be able to find new items, which will further diversify the gameplay.

The 1st location is called Forests of Nyoron.
In the forest, you can find 6 types of different resources:
• Wood.
• Steel.
• Titawin.
• Kvessir.
• Gold.
• Dwemer.

All of them differ in their rarity and the probability of finding will depend on the rarity of your panda and weapons.

The 2nd location is called Caves of the Terrabarium.
In the cave, you can find 5 different types of stones in order to craft one of the types of jewelry using resources:
• Ring.
• Bracelet.
• Brooch.
• Necklace.
• Earring.

The chance of success for different types of stones is the same, but the chance that you will not get anything is different depending on the rarity of the panda and your weapon.

To craft jewelry, you need 5 stones and resources. The amount of the resource depends on the rarity of the jewelry. To craft a product, you will need to pay BAM to a jewelry specialist Balin.
We will add more detailed information on the number of resources and the chance for crafting for each weapon and panda in the bamboo paper.




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