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Elgard Music

As the inhabitants of the Lands of Elgard jokingly say among themselves, the music in their land is so amazing and beautiful that it is known even in other worlds. And this is not said in vain, because it hides many secrets and conveys the deep culture and lifestyle of the Elgard pandas.

Thee New Soundtracks

We know how much you liked our main soundtrack “NFT Panda — Main Theme Song”.
Therefore, we are proud to present to your attention 3 new soundtracks specially written for our future update! And we want to add from ourselves once again how proud and happy we are of our cooperation with professional musicians “Dark Twin Production”, only they can convey with sounds what we are trying to do with all our soul, to create for you the world of Elgard!

Craft Theme Song

Inventory Theme Song

Shop Theme Song

Dark Twin Production

We express our gratitude to the real professionals and virtuosos of their craft, the musicians from Dark Twin Production, who helped us create it:
Serga Kasinec and Kirill Barakhtyansky.

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