New Round of Content Creator Support Program | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

We are excited to announce a new round of the Content Creator Support Program.

The main positive change is that we are removing the requirements for the number of subscribers and we will create a special thread on the discord server #Communty-Content where the best content will be published. Even if you have a new channel or social profile.

This will allow you to expand your audience and help us spread the word of Elgard in the crypto space. Also it is a great chance to make a name for yourself in the emerging crypto gaming niche.

It could be something useful or funny. Review or guide. 2D, 3D art or Video.

Some of the very interesting entries will be posted on Twitter with our reach of over 40k followers and will also be rewarded with prizes. It can be NFT or $BAM.

How to join?

Content requirements. Content must not violate the rules of the game and the rules of ethics regarding NFT Panda: World of Fantasy.

  1. Share the creations on your socials and tag NFT Panda: WoF. and use the next hashtags: #PlayToEarn #WAX #NFTPandaContest #NFTGaming
  2. Confirm links. Fill out the form:



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