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NFT Panda
2 min readAug 21, 2022


It’s time for more details about the armor. We are close to the release of the armor. Let’s go!

🙌 First, we want to thank all the players for staying with us. In the last month we grew in new registrations and Monthly Active Users by +21.45%. We are still one of the most popular and actively developing WAX blockchain games, despite the crisis of the cryptocurrency market and Play-to-Earn.

Already drawn 5 rarities of armor:
• Common
• Uncommon
• Rare
• Epic
• Legendary
The only thing left is Mythic.

Technically, it would be more efficient to add all the rarities of armor on atomichub and then distribute it. Therefore, the distribution will start as soon as Mythic armor is ready and that is very soon! Follow our updates on Twitter and Discord.

🏆 The winners of our first quests will be the first to receive the armor:

  • 6 or more quests — Rare Armor;
  • 9 or more quests — Epic Armor;
  • 12 quests — Legendary Armor.

Also among the first will be our one of the most active players n5yhk.wam who contributed to the development of the bot tracking system. Thank you!

We managed to stabilize inflation and decided not to move away from the drastic changes in the economy and not to cut rewards cardinally with the introduction of armor. At this point, the situation has changed for the better.

In adventures it will work as well as weapons and jewelry. Armor will add BAM to loot. But so as not to destabilize the economy again and stimulate inflation, we’ll take some of the rewards from pandas, weapons, and costume jewelry and add that to the armor and do not provoke a rise in inflation. This way we’ll avoid the massive cuts that were planned before. We will also need resources for crafting. This will also be implemented soon.

If you missed our latest cosmetic updates: We recently upgraded our website and added animation. We also added a feature to turn it on and off. We hope you like it! 🤗