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A long time passed, but the thoughts of the secret of the medallions never left Aivars, and he was determined to find the answer!

After a good rest from the previous adventure, Aivars decided to go to the caves of the Terrabarium in search of special gems that store a mysterious magical power. He wanted to create a “Ring of Urd” for himself a long time ago, and the upcoming war is the best motivation, which is why the enemies who were waiting for him inside the cave no longer seemed so scary.

Having made his way into the depths of the cave, passing by all the enemies, he reached a lake of perfectly round shape with incredibly clear water, the rays of light that made their way through the holes in the cave shone directly on the water, although Aivars had been here many times, the sight of this beauty fascinated his spirit as the first time.

For several minutes silently observing this beauty, he made a deep entrance and jumped into the lake, at the bottom of which gems can be found, although luck had never smiled at him before.

Having reached the bottom, he again did not find anything, and at the moment when he already wanted to float to the surface, he again felt the medallion trembling, lowering his eyes to the medal, he accidentally noticed a shine among the stones — it was one of the very stones that he was looking for.

- Really in this time luck smiled at me? — he thought.

The next few hours, he was able to find a few more stones, after which he realized that he had discovered the first of the magical properties of the medallion, this is an increase in luck, but this is only part of the answers that he was looking for…

What are our next steps and what new mechanics will be added with the next updates?

We have a lot of improvements and new content planned for the game, and we are incredibly excited about this because the game will gradually enter the BETA version and will change more with each update!

New types of adventures, seasons, rent, tips & lore, etc.

This is just a shortlist of what awaits us in the near future. The next logical step will be to add new types of adventures to the game, which will further diversify the gameplay, add new resources and increase the variation for the use of weapons. The new types of adventures can only be accessed if the panda is equipped with a weapon. There will be a lot of adventure variations.

Ultimately, we are planning many different types of adventures, which will be located on the interactive map, but at the initial stage, there will be about 3. Gradually, the map will expand and fill. In new adventures, it will be possible to obtain other items, and the chance of loot drops will depend on the rarity of weapons and some other items. But this is not limited to objects. A lot of other pleasant surprises await you!

Thus, the value of the weapon will also lie in the fact that it will give access to new locations, PvP, some events, tournaments, missions, raid bosses, and much more.

And in the near future, we plan to add a completely on-chain panda rental system. This is a unique and innovative feature that will allow you to receive BAM tokens and increase the efficiency of your NFTs.

Also, these adventures will differ in terms of rest time. For example, one of them will need 4 or 6 hours of rest after the 1st adventure. Now the player will have even more choice than to do in the world of Elgard. Go for bamboo, resources, or craft weapons, or something else. In addition, we will not forget about the existing mechanics, which will be improved according to community feedback.

Another new feature will be the activation of seasons. Statistics will be updated every month. Season 1 = 1 month to maintain a competitive spirit. But that’s not all! The first event with prizes will start soon. Details will be announced later.

We remind you that at the moment, before the activation of the types and elements, any panda can carry any weapon and we are glad that the community is actively participating in discussions about the lore and the development of the game. This truly inspires us. As we have said more than once, Easter eggs and secrets are one of the most important features of the game. The stories reveal how the plot of the game will develop and what will be added. IMPORTANT: Any suggestions by other users are not financial advice. Do Your Own Research!


Today the discount on slots will be disabled and the durability of weapons will be activated.

Since the launch of the craft, it has been burned 130360 BAM!


Combination of pandas and weapons

Berserker (Claws, Sword, Axe)
Warrior (Sword, Axe, Hammer)
Mage (Stick, Dagger, Sword)
Archer (Bow, Gun, Dagger)
Paladin (Hammer, Axe, Sword)
Engineer (Mechanical Arm, Gun, Slingshot)
Druid (Stick, Claws, Axe)
Dreneya (Stick, Bow, Gun)
Bard (Dagger, Slingshot, Mechanical Arm)
Shooter (Gun, Bow, Mechanical Arm)
Smith (Hammer, Mechanical Arm, Axe)
Tauren (Hammer, Sword, Claws)
Priest (Slingshot, Dagger, Bow)
Healer (Stick, Slingshot, Dagger)
Elder (Stick, Bow, Claws)




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