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Pax is often asked what is the secret of his skill? How he was able to become one of the finest blacksmiths in the lands of Elgard.

«It’s simple, I put a piece of myself into each product.» But we all understand that there is also daily work behind this, a lot of work…

To repair a weapon, create a new one or improve an existing one — for someone it’s a magic, but for Pax reality. Many pandas choose him not only because of the skills. Pax often provides valuable advice not only for combat, but also for life.

Well, let’s tell you a secret: having a friend like Pax is very important and necessary. So try to become his friend quickly…

Nearest Plans:

The launch of the MVP version turned out to be more successful than expected. Pandas ran out very quickly and because of this, they skyrocketed in value. We receive a lot of positive feedback and constructive suggestions every day.

  • The daily trading volume reached over $250k + on AtomicHub.
  • The most expensive NFT was sold for $10k.
  • We have already launched several contests.
  • Content Creator Support Program.
  • We have carried out airdrops for the community and are doing our best to support the community.
  • Took part in WAX Gaming Week.
  • Our Twitter has grown to over 23,000+ members.
  • Our Discord has grown to over 15,000+ members.

What’s in the shop for us in the near future?


The shop and energy system will be launching very soon. This is a priority for us now. The launch is scheduled for November. It is also planned to launch a crafting system towards the end of November. The Crafting System is one of the most important updates. This, like the shop, will increase the use of the BAM token.

Some details about the future crafting system:
To craft weapons of common rarity, you need 3 shards and 1 scheme, which you can buy in the shop for BAM (in future updates you will also be able to get shards in adventures). With these shards, you go to the blacksmith and with a 50% chance, he will craft a common weapon for you. Then you will have the opportunity to increase the rarity of the weapon, but for this, you will need two of the same type and rarity of weapons.

For example, two common swords can be upgraded to one uncommon sword with a 50% chance of success. For the same principle, it will be possible to receive weapons of higher rarity, for all operations with blacksmith you will need to pay BAM. All this BAM will back to the game economy. The blacksmith will also repair your weapon because it wears out like any other item, so you better make friends with the blacksmith, he will become your friend for a long time!
All craft details will be described in special article.

We will continue to develop the lore of the game and introduce players to the history of Elgard and reveal the characters of the pandas. One of the most important concepts in the game is collectibility, mystery and easter eggs.

In addition, we have tested the starting ideas and debugged many processes and will soon be ready to scale. To increase the number of players, the Sale of Pandas will be held, and before the introduction of weapons into the game, a sale of weapons. Elements and classes will become important, but the very activation of classes and elements will be in the BETA version.


  • Purchase of advertising on thematic sites and platforms such as dappradar and social networks.
  • Involvement of guilds in the game.
  • Continuation of various activities for the community.


  • We have already tested the new modern captcha and will add it with the next update.
  • In addition, we tracked multi-accounts and bots. We will start blocking such accounts in the near future.

We also remind you of the basic security rules in the crypto space.

❗️We strictly want to remind you of the safety rules!
❗️1. Do not share your private keys with anyone.
❗️2. Do not use bots or other third-party applications for the game.
❗️3. Check the collection carefully. Our collection
❗️4. Carefully check all the links you follow.

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