Nearest Plans | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

We are thrilled to introduce our nearest plans! 🙌

Short-term. January-February

We are currently developing new types of adventures with a target release in the upcoming weeks. This is the top short-term priority because it will affect old game parts as well. We create more options and more variety. Thus, we are entering a stage where weapons become an important part like in any game with RPG elements, without which it will be very difficult for the pandas to defend Elgard, and the tests become more and more.

When you click on the send to adventure button, a new page will appear with an interactive map where you can choose where to send your army. We expect the new adventures to be ready by the end of this month. We already see that there are players who focus exclusively on crafting, and some on adventures, and new adventures will expand these possibilities.

Learn more about the new types of adventures

We consider the community’s opinion. After we provide new experiences and new opportunities for trading items, we will additionally collect information about the situation in the economy in order to assess which mechanisms need to be balanced in the economy and we are analyzing the community requests and prioritizing roadmap milestones based on your feedback.

The economy is a living organism. Moreover, an open economy like ours uses blockchain and external markets, and game development is not an exact science, so balancing is always common and useful practice.

Medium-term. Q1-Q2 2022

What’s next? We are working hard to stick to our roadmap and keep you happy with updates. We have planned the launch of the rent system, various visual UI / UX improvements, the addition of new mechanisms for using the BAM so that you can create new items and spend it, the ability to watch your friend or someone from the top 100 players. Armor release, skill-based mechanics, class and elemental activations, tournament, pets, events, lottery, and we will continue to release more new types of adventures.



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