Mysterious Gift | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy


After a difficult adventure, a very tired Aivars finally came to the door of his house. All his thoughts were only about his favorite armchair near the fireplace, on which he loved to rest after adventures and reflect on everything that happened to him that day.

1 month

Today is exactly one month since the launch of the MVP version of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy, we want to thank you all for being with us, thanks for helping us to shield the Land of Elgard!

Achievements. 1 month is like 1 year

It has been an amazing month full of ups and downs, and we are thrilled to celebrate this NFT Panda World of Fantasy date with you, Legend. The launch of the MVP (minimum viable product) of NTF Panda: WoF was one of the most exciting, challenging and touching moments.

  • The most expensive NFT was sold for $10,009


MVP (Q3-Q4 2021)



  • Crafting system
  • Rent


We are grateful to our community for their help in the development of the project. Especially our Guardians of Elgard who helped answer questions:

  • Partners & Collaboration drops with CryptoGamingPool,, WAX
  • Participate in WAX Gaming Week with the best games on the WAX blockchain
This is just a small part.