Mini-guide Craft & Upgrade

A quick step-by-step guide to craft and upgrade weapons.


In order to craft weapons, you need to buy parts of weapons and a blueprint.

First you need to go to the Shop and buy 3 shards & 1 blueprint.

Then you need to click on the anvil icon and go to the CRAFT section.

Choose the weapon type and element that matches your shards and blueprint.

You will see the number of shards and blueprints available. Click on the CRAFT button.

CRAFT weapons are produced in 2 actions. You need to make the payment first and then send the parts.

CRAFT weapons can take a few minutes. Сhance of success 55%


If you want to improve your weapon, then go to UPGRADE.

Select the weapon you want to upgrade. To upgrade, you need to select 2 identical weapons.

Click on the CRAFT button.

Upgrade also takes place in 2 stages. First, pay. Further, send the parts. Сhance of success 55%.

UPGRADE weapons can take a few minutes.