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3 min readDec 10, 2021



Collecting wood near Terragar Aivars felt a strange vibration. He immediately noticed that the mysterious medal that he had recently discovered began to tremble and emit light. Taking it in his hands, he found that on the reverse side of the medal appeared a text that had not been previously. Unfortunately, he could not read it, it was an ancient language that was used at the time of the birth of Elgard, only the elders can make it out, throwing all the wood, he hurriedly headed to the temple.

Showing the medal to the elder, he saw his surprised look and after a minute of silence, he heard the translation.

“The ability to wait, rewards with strength”, that is what is written, but the meaning is still hidden and it takes time to understand the truth, and you, as an owner, need to reveal it — said Ansgar.

Later it turned out that such an inscription appeared on every medal, now Heroes have to reveal another secret.

New Weapon Details

The packs can already be opened. The ability to add weapons will appear after the update. The update is scheduled for December 13th. We remind you that weapons will not need to be repaired until the crafting system is activated. The crafting system will be activated in about a week.

Weapons are divided into types and have elements and rarities. In the alpha version, any panda can carry any weapon and element. In the Beta version, the elements and types will be activated, which will give or reduce bonuses when the type and element of the weapon and the panda match.

It is planned that the type of weapon will affect the adventure and combat system. And the elements will play a role in the combat system. You can also read about weapons in Bamboo Paper: https://nft-panda.gitbook.io/nft-panda/bamboo-paper/gameplay/weapon

In addition, we noticed that very few people familiarized themselves with our lore and tips for different types of assets. This raises many questions.
Therefore, we are launching an additional section in our #lore discord server, where you can discuss riddles, Easter eggs, and what effects can appear in the game and the life of Elgard in general and his characters.

Also, we checked your comments, and we understand that not everyone understood the value of the medals. Medals are not intended just for the whitelist. They will have different effects. Medallions were handed out for free and guaranteed access to the whitelist, but this is only a small part of their effects. The main effects will be announced in the ALPHA version of the game.

You can also discuss medals in our #lore section. So far, no one knows what other effects and secrets these medallions keep in themselves, but someday
all secrets will be revealed.

And one more piece of news, caused by a surge of excitement for the game. For the next sale, we will further reduce the number of whitelist participants to a 1:1 ratio. Stay tuned!