Leaderboard proposal

The craft festival is over, but the effect remains.

NFT Panda
2 min readJan 24, 2023

Dear residents of the Lands of Elgard, we know how much you all liked the festival. The craft festival went great and it turned out to be one of the most effective events in recent times.

We received tons of feedback and suggestions on how to improve and consolidate the result, so based on this, we developed a proposal to improve the mechanics of the leaderboard.

So we propose to combine two leaderboards already familiar to you (bam, resources) with craft. This will be one leaderboard with 100 winners, and the rating will be compiled relative to the maximum number of points received.

In this way, the defocus of the players will be eliminated and the reward mechanic will become more fair. Also, such a leaderboard takes into account more useful actions and will allow you to receive more diverse prizes.

Points will be distributed as follows:

The number of points in the adventure will depend on the time of the adventure for each panda.

4 hours – 0.4 points

6 hours – 0.6 points

8 hours – 0.8 points

12 hours – 1.2 points

Craft/Upgrade common jewelry – 0.1 points

Craft/Upgrade common weapon – 0.2 points

Craft/Upgrade common armor – 0.3 points

Craft/Upgrade uncommon jewelry – 0.2 points

Craft/Upgrade uncommon weapon – 0.4 points

Craft/Upgrade uncommon armor. – 0.6 points

Craft/Upgrade rare jewelry – 1 point

Craft/Upgrade rare weapon – 1.5 points

Craft/Upgrade rare armor – 2 points

Craft/Upgrade epic jewelry. – 4 points

Craft/Upgrade epic weapon – 5 points

Craft/Upgrade epic armor – 6 points

Craft/Upgrade legendary jewelry – 12 points

Craft/Upgrade legendary weapon – 15 points

Craft/Upgrade legendary armor – 18 points

Craft/Upgrade mythic jewelry – 30 points

Craft/Upgrade mythic weapon – 40 points

Craft/Upgrade mythic armor – 50 points

You can VOTE to this proposal on our Discord by following the link
⏰ Votes are accepted until 31 January 23:59 UTC