Introducing New Types of Adventures, Awards for season & Bamboo paper v.1.3

We’ve updated Bamboo Paper with new information. HOORAY! 🙌

In one of the previous medium, we briefly described the new types of adventures. Now we are ready to reveal the mechanics in detail. Different types of adventures have different rewards. More adventure types will be added in the near future.

Read more in the Adventures section of the updated bamboo paper v.1.3
By the way, in new types of adventures, energy consumption and weapon durability are 2 times less.

But that’s not all! We have added new effects to medallions and added an assortment of rewards for winning the season.

Read more in the Awards section of the updated bamboo paper v.1.3

Unfortunately, along with some technical issue on a third party we depend on, we ran into another issue the pandemic did not bypass us, and we, like many companies, also faced it. Two of our critical employees have fallen ill with COVID-19 and some processes have slowed down. Therefore, the awards and upcoming update will be postponed by approximately one week. At the end of this week we will announce the exact dates.

We wish everyone good health 🖤🤍🖤 and will be back soon with exact dates for an update. The work does not stop and in parallel we are working on a new website and preparations for balancing the economy.




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About the v1.42 update

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