Important Economy Update & Optimization

We recently introduced balancing of the economy and it gave an excellent result. But that was only the beginning. With the new update, we will create an exchange for the exchange of resources, which will reduce the number of NFTs and make the economy more free. In addition, resources can be spent on various items. For example potions. And potions, in turn, will give different effects in adventures. Thus the economy will cyclic. Moreover, we will add another adventure for the ingredients for these potions to diversify the gameplay. But this is not all that will require resources, but we will not get ahead of ourselves and reveal it.

This is a very important economic update and we have taken into account various scenarios for the development of events and have calculated all the various risks, but this is not an exact science, so we will monitor what is happening on the market in the first weeks.

If there is such a need, then we will be ready to change the values ​​for production, mining, costs and commodity prices in order to balance the economy. We expect this update to have a positive impact on the economy and improve the gameplay and overall experience of the game. After the update, players should come up with various economic strategies.

After this update, an equally important part of the game starts. Development of skill-based mechanics and the first battle prototypes. We want to warn you that at the beginning these will be soft launch of combat system, which will improve over time.

We also came up with a solution that will significantly reduce the consumption of WAX resources: CPU & RAM. One of them is the creation of an internal wallet. Tokens after each adventure will be stored there and you can display them in the settings in a couple of clicks. Previously, each adventure created a transaction for rewards. This will reduce the number of transactions. Another effect of this will be a decrease in the number of clicks, which will also affect the improvement of the user experience.

Therefore, many more exciting adventures await us in the world of Elgard… Thanks for staying with us!


Your NFT Panda: World of Fantasy Team.



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