It’s amazing how fast time flies! A year has already passed since the creation of the NFT Panda World of Fantasy. Thank you for being with us and for your protection of the Lands of Elgard! We have experienced ups and downs, joys and adversities with you. Thank you for this time! But it is important to remember that the most interesting is yet to come!

In honor of our 1 Year Birthday, we want to hold a giveaway, all the details are listed below!

There will be 50 LUCKY WINNERS!!!


Legendary Hero 🐼 (2pcs.) + Legendary Weapon ⚔️ (2pcs.);

Epic Hero 🐼 (5pcs.) + Epic Weapon ⚔️ (5pcs.);

Rare Hero 🐼 (15pcs.) + Rare Weapon ⚔️ (15pcs.);

Uncommon Hero 🐼 (25pcs.) + Uncommon Weapon ⚔️ (25pcs.);

Common Hero 🐼 (50pcs.) + Common Weapon ⚔️ (50pcs.);

This NFT you will be able to use in game or sell on the market.

Participate: https://sweepwidget.com/view/58005-t9ro01ha

We are also going to launch new quests for this event for rare weapons so that as many people as possible can participate in it, but it is with a surprise. You will be able to learn more about it when they launch.




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