Embracing the Future: NFT Panda’s Strategic Vision for Land and Incubators

NFT Panda
4 min readJan 23, 2024

Dear Warriors of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

As we promised, we are continuing our series of articles about the vision for the rest of the game’s development and exhilarating journey through the enchanting world of NFT Panda. We are thrilled to share some pivotal updates and insights into our strategic vision for the future. Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our progress, and it’s with great excitement that we delve into the upcoming developments. That makes the game complete and combines the economy of gathering and accumulation with the economy of construction and some of the new mechanics with pets, lands and battles. We will start with the initial things and gradually dive into the context by talking about various aspects of the upcoming updates. This time we’ll talk about lands and incubators.

Strategic Goal: Maximising Resource Utilisation

Our primary objective is to ensure that the successful sale of lands leads to a significant economic event: the burning of all liquid resources held by active players. We aim for at least half of the constructed incubators to contribute to this goal, creating a balanced and thriving economy within our game. This approach is designed to maximise resource utilisation and maintain the value of in-game assets.

Land Scarcity and Accessibility: A Delicate Balance

Understanding the importance of land in our game, we are committed to making them rare yet accessible. To achieve this, we will closely monitor player activity and feedback, aligning it with the needs of the economy. We plan to release lands in limited batches, allowing us to adjust the total supply based on the market’s response. This method ensures that we can react to changes and maintain a healthy balance between scarcity and availability.

Land as the Key to Economic Balance and New Content

Lands are not just assets; they are the backbone of our game’s economy. Constructing on these lands will require significant resource investment, opening doors to new content, including PvP pet battles and earning opportunities, both active and passive. Our upcoming articles will delve into our innovative approach to the tokenomics of the new token, reflecting our learnings from the global gaming landscape and introducing something novel to the WAX ecosystem.

Concept of the flow of the a new part of the gameplay

Land Rarity: Premium and Regular Lands

To add depth to our game, we introduce two types of land rarities: Premium and Regular. The main difference in these types of land is the limit on the number of construction of incubators. While the exact cost of these incubators remains dynamic, influenced by market factors and the overall economy, we aim to provide a rough estimate of resource expenditure for players’ planning. However, we emphasise that these estimates are subject to change, potentially increasing or decreasing as the game evolves and as we implement economic patches.

One of the incubator concepts

Incubator Enhancements and Versatility

Incubator owners will play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. They can lease their incubators for others to hatch eggs or use them for hatching their own, leading to the acquisition of pets. Initially, each incubator is planned to have one slot, with early versions featuring up to three levels of upgrades. These enhancements will increase the number of slots, adding versatility and value to each incubator. For your understanding. The amount of resources required to build one incubator is in the thousands, and tokens will also be required, which are also in the thousands or tens of thousands. We cannot disclose the exact values ​​yet. As well as many other details. This is a dynamic thing and will depend on the situation in the economy and can even change during the game to stabilize the market.

In closing, we are not just building a game; we are crafting an economy, a community, and a legacy. We thank you for your steadfast support and patience. Together, let’s embark on this new chapter in NFT Panda: World of Fantasy, where the best is indeed yet to come. Stay tuned for deeper dives into each feature, as we continue to evolve and revolutionise our world together.

Yours in adventure,
The NFT Panda Team