Elgard Burning Festival | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

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3 min readMay 24, 2023


Heroes of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy, gather around! The exciting news is here to ignite your adventurous spirit! The winds of change are blowing through our beloved realm. We have an extraordinary surprise in store for you. Brace yourselves as we unveil a blazing new event that will revolutionize the way you compete.

We stand before you today to introduce Elgard Burning Festival a momentous transformation – a temporary shift that will set fire to our leaderboard. Brace yourselves for the Elgard Burning Festival – an event of epic proportions that will test your mettle and immerse you in a thrilling race for supremacy. If the event captures your heart, it may even make a triumphant return in the future.

For now, we unveil a daring new challenge that shall burn brightly for a single cycle. Will you seize this chance to shine as the ultimate champion? The fate of this event lies in your hands. If you, esteemed Legends, show unwavering support and embrace the thrill it brings, we may unleash its flames once again in the future, igniting new adventures and rivalries.

The event will take place: June 1 15:00 UTC – July 1 00:00 UTC

Step into the fire and let the spirit of the Elgard Burning Festival guide your path. This is an opportunity for both seasoned veterans and emerging heroes to forge their legends anew. Are you ready, Legends, to unleash the inferno within and etch your name forever in the NFT Panda: World of Fantasy?

Behold, the mystical art of NFT resource immolation!

What benefits will it bring and how does it work?

Boosting the Game Economy: Burning NFT resources will help regulate the game economy by keeping supply and demand in balance. This in turn will support the stability and long-term development of the game.

Better prizes. We increased the prize pool by approximately 20% compared to the previous season. An increase in the prize pool is always good news!

More options. You can participate in two leaderboards at the same time. The new burning leaderboard does not require players to be constantly active. You can participate in our event with Alien Worlds as well.

No requirements or restrictions. The new leaderboard is not tied to previous experience and is available to new members without restrictions. Everyone is equal.

More experimentation and fun: The new mechanism brings new elements to the game, making the game experience, even more, fun and interesting. In the end, it’s just fun.

Instant utilities for resources. You simply send resources to the event and have a chance to receive a prize. At the same time, excess supply disappears from the market, which will positively affect the resource market.

There are two options to get points:

Exchange or Burn!

For the exchange, you will receive the following points:

Wood – 1
Steel – 2
Titawin – 3
Kvessir – 4
Gold – 5

For the burn, you will receive the following points:

Wood — 3
Steel — 6
Titawin — 9
Kvessir — 12
Gold — 15
Dwemer — 18

NFT Food:
Common food — 0.2
Uncommon food — 0.3
Rare food — 0.6
Epic food — 1
Legendary food — 2
Mythic food — 4

Vouchers NFT — 1
Gems — 3

Join us, for the Elgard Burning Festival event is upon us, and the time to rise as true legends is now!