Dev Notes: A New Batch of Updates | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

No matter how many different treasures you seek, just remember that the main find of your life will only be yourself.

NFT Panda
3 min readJul 28, 2022


Let’s start with the first great news. Our new website is almost ready. We ran into a few hurdles, but we were able to overcome them. It took longer than we had planned, but we’re already finalizing it and we’re happy to present it to you and all the new players we’ve added recently.

We have a lot of stuff in progress right now and we hope to be able to release updates in large batches. Some of them:

  • Player’s page. Players will be able to go to the user page and see the pandas of other players, which will improve socialization and learning the strategy of others.
  • Auction. Before adding the armor to the game, we will hold an auction. This will allow both to test the new functionality and to distribute the initial amount of armor among the players. Also, a certain amount of armor will be distributed among the winners of the quests. This is scheduled for August 21, but we would like to warn you that the date may change.
  • Armor. Perhaps the main news that many people are waiting for is the Armor. It’s already been drawn and one of the hallmarks of our art is that it’s done by hand. It’s not generative art. After adding armor, a rebalance will be needed. A new rebalance is long overdue and we remain committed to increasing the utility of the token and reducing issuance. At the same time, we conduct our marketing activities to influence demand and attract new players. Over the past six months, the price has stabilized and for the last quarter, we even managed to show growth against market trends therefore we will continue our efforts to grow the value of our token and attract new players and enter into new partnerships.
  • New quest mode. Quests have turned out to be one of the most attractive mechanics for the community and we will improve them by adding interesting tasks.
  • Boss. This is our first skill-based mechanic. Players will have to fight the mighty Troll. The result will depend on your character build, damage dealt, and the strategy you choose. It will be released in alpha mode. After the first launch, we will collect information for analysis and subsequent improvements.
  • New adventure and potions. We are adding even more content to the game, and potions will allow you to increase the variability of mining strategies. It will be interesting! The first batch of potions will include: Crafting Fortune Potion, Loot Increase Potion, Fortitude Potion, which saves the panda from the negative consequences of a collision with the Dragon, Golem and other strong characters.

In addition, we are working on a CPU rent service for the WAX ​​blockchain and improvements to bot detection and multi-accounting. Another service that will allow you to increase the utilities of some assets is a lottery. Now its logic is being developed, but the implementation will be later. And after all the above updates, we will start implementing the combat system. At the same time, the very concept of the combat system is already in development. But until then, there is still a lot of work to be done.