Creative Contest #2 Winners

We would like to thank our community for all the support and are ready to announce the winners!

We received a huge amount of creative work. We received a charge of positive emotions and we want to share it with you. The selection of the winners turned out to be the most difficult test for us and it took time to determine the best in our opinion. Meet them!

1st place: 2000 $BAM

Horror and funny short video

2nd place: 1500 $BAM

Sweet stuff

3rd place: 750 $BAM

Cool sticker pack

4th place: 500 $BAM

Atmospheric animation

5th place: 250 $BAM

Amaizing panda art

6th place — 10th place: 100 $BAM

Panda Rap Cover
Gif NFT Panda: WoF x God of War
Graceful artwork
Stylish panda

All other participants who have fulfilled the conditions received 10 $BAM

All awards have already been sent.

You can find the rest of the works on our Twitter:

Thank you for your participation and wonderful work!

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