Balancing the Economy

Rationalism is balance. And balance is the best state of the system. This is a state in which everything goes as planned, and as it should be. Balance is beneficial to everyone, balance is when there are no victims and offended.

NFT Panda
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

Creating a game is not an exact science and an ongoing process, and creating games on the blockchain requires constant balancing due to its nature of an open market and we feel responsible for maintaining constant supply and demand.

We have mentioned in our recent mediums that balancing is planned soon. We collected feedback from the community, analyzed offers and we are happy to announce that the first balance patch will be released soon.

Key changes:

•Reducing the base pandas reward -10%.
•Increased base weapon reward +8%.
•Jewelry base reward+5%.
•Change in energy system and food prices. Pandas currently have enough energy for 10 adventures. After the update, there will be 20 adventures, like weapons and jewelry, which will also reduce CPU consumption and reduce the number of actions. In addition, we are working to reduce the number of other actions. Details will be announced later.

The period when in adventures Forests of Nyoron and Caves of the Terrabarium. There will be a 2-hours cooldown until the update. After the update, the cooldown will be 4-hours, but the amount of resources required to craft jewelry will remain unchanged for now.

In addition, we will loop the need for items in the near future. This will apply to jewelry. Details will be announced later.

The main idea is that with the development of the project and the emergence of new gameplay cycles, some changes are required. We have always strived
make the process in such a seemingly simple game exciting and fun.

We’ve already gone through the phase where players were just hoarding resources. Now we have entered the stage of production and consumption, when the players can create more and more items and trade with each other. NFT trading is one of the most important aspects of blockchain gaming.

Ability to trade on the secondary market, true asset ownership, free markets, instant payouts, transaction transparency. These are the values which distinguish blockchain games from traditional games. Therefore, we are expanding the opportunities for players to take advantage of this.

We will continue to improve the gameplay further, create more value for the game and items, and after that we will move into another phase when the gameplay changes towards combat will begin.