Auction will start next week? | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

🔥 We are super excited that the highly anticipated Armor Auction is about to launch. For the first time, as an experiment and to support the economy, we will conduct this sale for the inner token BAM. 🔥

The auction will start on September 14 at 14 UTC.

Access to the auction will be through the whitelist. Details below.

As we wrote earlier, the armor will have similar properties to other items: Weapons and Jewelry. But at the same time, each item in skill base mechanics will give special properties. Damage, defense, resistance and more.

But that’s not all! In the non-combat mechanics of the game a full set will give additional energy points, and the lack of a full set will reduce. *Set is complete set: weapons, jewelry, armor.


  • All accounts that complete 2 or more quests from the last branch.
  • All accounts that have medals at the time of publication of this article are automatically included in the whitelist. Like, Retweet + Tag 2 friends


The form will close on September 14 at 13 UTC. 1 hour before the start. 🚀

Prepare your BAM it will be hot! 🔥



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