Auction mechanics | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

Greetings Pandas! We hope you are feeling great and in a good mood! Because we have the first pilot auction will take place today. It will start at 14 UTC.

To access the auction, you need to go to the tavern. How to do this, read our guide.

At the auction today will be available:
• EPIC ARMOR — 5. Expected start time — 14 UTC.
The base auction time: 20 minutes. Update time: 3 minutes.
• LEGENDARY ARMOR — 3. Expected start time — 15 UTC.
The base auction time: 25 minutes. Update time: 4 minutes.
• MYTHIC ARMOR — 1. Expected start time — 16 UTC.
The base auction time: 30 minutes. Update time: 5 minutes.

  1. If the time before the end of the auction is less than the Update time, then after each bid, the auction is extended by the specified Update time.
  2. The expected time depends on the availability of the auction rooms. You can switch between them by clicking on the buttons with numbers 1–5 and a hammer at the bottom of the screen.

Starting prices:
• EPIC ARMOR — 500 BAM. Min step: 50 BAM.
• LEGENDARY ARMOR — 2000 BAM. Min step: 100 BAM.
• MYTHIC ARMOR — 8000 BAM. Min step: 200 BAM.

Prepare your BAM, Heroes! 🔥



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