Armor Specs | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

NFT Panda
2 min readSep 12, 2022

The long-awaited auction starts on September 14!
First of all, we would like to inform you that all funds collected at the auction will be distributed 80% back to the game and 20% for burning!

As you already know from previous announcements. Instead of periodically cutting rewards, we decided to redistribute the rewards to make the introduction of armor go as smoothly as possible, while adding the benefits of wearing armor not only in the upcoming fights with the troll, but when mining.

Armor will fetch $BAM below the table with the new specs.

Rewards after armor activation

Activation set.

If you have a panda, weapons, jewelry and armor of the same rarity. Then the kit, when turned on, will take not 5 units of power and durability, but 4 from each item.

Additional information on the set:

If your panda is lower rarity than the other items, the set will be activated. The main thing is that it is not lower.


Rare Panda + Legendary Weapon + Legendary Jewelry + Legendary Armor. Set activated.

Rare Panda + Rare Weapon + Rare Jewelry + Rare Armor. Set activated.

Epic Panda + Rare Weapon + Rare Jewelry + Rare Armor. Set was not activated