Aivars’s Adventures | NFT Panda: World of Fantasy


Having collected enough stones, Aivars went home to rest before an equally dangerous adventure in the extraction of resources. Preparing his weapon and filling his bag with potions, he left the house. This time he went to the forests of Nyoron, he only had to get the necessary wood to start crafting the Ring of Urd.

Although the path to the forest was not close, admiring the incredible landscapes of Elgard, Aivars did not even notice that he had already reached the forest.

After some time searching in the forest, Aivars found the right tree, smiled and went to collect it, but at that moment he heard a roar, it was wolves. There was nowhere to retreat because the wolves surpass him in speed, so he grabbed the bag and took out the potion, literally drank it in two gulps, and pulled out his favorite axes without which he would never have gone on such a journey.

- Well, dogs! It’s time to introduce you to my axes!

He thought and dug into battle.

With quick and dexterous blows, he was able to defeat the wolves. Now he is ready to finish collecting wood and back home, as he is already full of the temptation to receive his long-awaited ring.



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